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Good Morning

This is Somekool's web page

You might be looking for my [blog], my [facebook] or my [twitter].

About this webpage... (disclaimer)

  • This webpage is not intended in any way to produce any satisfaction on any human being.
  • This webpage have no purpose to impress any one in any way.
  • I steal the color and the css from an old project I worked on because I have no idea about how colors can fit together.
  • This webpage just exist to give me a test platform on which I can learn and test my ideas and make them living.
  • Most of the shit are hidden in the backend because it is not interresting.
  • This webpage also give me the tools I need to make MY life easier.
  • And finaly, this give the world a source to get the interresting shit I may doing.

    Some news:

      March 27th, 2005 is live. [ link ] 

    Just budget is a web application software allowing the world to take control over their expenses for free.

    That's right, you can sign up for free and start maintaining your budget with no effort. just budget is trying to make it easy and is always open for suggestions. no longer you have to pay for complicated software, or try to maintain the whole thing yourself in excel.

    You can try just budget now.

      July 7th, 2004  
    kload 0.2 released. [ Download source ] [ Download ebuild ].

      December 31st 2003  
    first public release of kload. (Download) and freshmeat release of kmp3play and klosecircuit.

      December 21st 2003  
    fix last bugs about network speed in kload. v.X is ready.

      December 20th 2003  
    I feel like coding, have not done anything since shit. Let's take a look at that unstarted project kload.

      November 24th and 25th 2003  
    New project is started. kload. but how the hell I am doing that.

      March 16th 2003  
    KloseCircuit 0.3.0 release
    (fix build and install problem, fix crash in config dialog)

      March 16th 2003  
    kmp3play 0.3.0 release
    (first public release)

      March 8th 2003  
    KloseCiruit 0.2.9 release
    (first public release)


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